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Tilt Stands/ Platforms

The sturdy Dumpers Unlimited Tilt Stand / Platform can be used with any type of container, on any line or machine and works with small, medium or large parts.  Designed for repeated tilting.

It helps an operator position the container so that the job is easier to perform and therefore more productive.

Where the container is on the floor, the operator is forced to bend over, pick up the part, stand up, feed the machine and repeat these moves over and over.  This can result in employee injury and reduced production.

But with our tilt stands / platforms, an operator controls the container, shifting the load gradually into position, allowing an operator to pickup the part and feed the machine.  This helps eliminate employee injury, improves workers' moral, and increases productivity.

Should you require a greater tilt angle or larger platform bed, Dumpers Unlimited can custom design a tilt platform / stand to accommodate your specific needs.

Our tilt stand / platform is normally tilted by hydraulic cylinders, but can be designed to tilt by mechanical means (gearbox and/or sprockets) or pneumatics (cylinders or air bags).

Tilt Stand
Tilt stand with end tilt.  Controlled by manual foot control valve for tilting the bed.  Center tilt stands are also available, allowing the bed and bottom of the container to tilt down closer to the floor.
   Industrial Pallet Tilt and Lift Tables
Corner tilt stand / platform with optional bellows to guard operator from tilting mechanism.

Mobile Tilt Stand
Mobile tilt stand with manual control valve.  Operator can push this unit to the location in the plant where it is needed.

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