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Scissor Lift Tables / Mobile Platforms

Solve your material handling problems with a DUMPERS UNLIMITED Industrial Hydraulic Lift Tables / Custom Scissor Lifts.  Engineered with high quality and safety standards, these rugged ergonomic lift tables provide all the lifting power you need to accomplish any lifting task with ease.

Designed to fit your particular application, our scissor lifts are manufactured with a vast array of options to choose from.  Available options range from mobile and flush mount and with power sources from hydraulic electric or pneumatic.

Whatever the job demands, there is a DUMPERS UNLIMITED scissor lift platform to handle it.

RIGHT:  Same scissor lift platform / table in raised position with bellows unhooked to show internal pieces.

BELOW:  Scissor lift platform / table in lowered position with optional bellows (canvas type guarding).  Also has optional pedal controls and manual rotating top.  (Floor load option available).
We're A Manufacturer Of Ergonomic Scissor Lifts
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