We are a U.S. manufacturer of gondola / gon dumpers, hydraulic dumpers, barrel dumpers, automatic container fillers, tilt stands, tilt lifts, lift platforms, pallet inverters, and coil handling systems.  

Gondola Dumpers To Solve Your Material Handling Needs



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Gon Dumpers

Gon DumperGondola DumpersHydraulic Gon Dumpers
Standard gon dumper with optional side guarding and HDPE poly lined back (option for sound deadening and impact reduction).
This gon dumper shows the optional side load dumper (load container from side facing and discharges to right).  Also includes the optional electric controls (control panel removed for shipping).
Standard gon dumper painted to customer specification.  Also includes the optional side guarding and hydraulic power unit mounted to dumper frame (drip pan under power unit).


VERSATILE .... Dumps a wide variety of materials such as powders, granulars, pellets, plastics, glass, rubber, paper, metal parts (pipe fittings, bolts, nails, etc.), castings and forgings, can and bottle preforms, bearings, chemicals, meats, fruits and vegetables, and many other materials to meet the customer's dumping requirements.

EFFICIENT .... All-at-once or controlled flow dumping of loads in less than 30 seconds, from all types of containers including gaylords, pallets, tubs, totes, boxes, bags, cans, drums, vats, baskets, cartons, bins, and more.

EASY LOADING .... May be loaded by forklift, pallet truck or conveyor (powered or gravity / auto or manual); at or above floor level.

SERVICE & SELECTION .... Customer requirements are our first priority;  we design to suit our customer's particular need in ANY weight capacity with a variety of dump heights and options.  We manufacture a custom dumper that can be tilted at a 90 angle to load side.

ECONOMICAL .... Rugged, welded-steel construction for long lasting, low maintenance performance at a competitive price.


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