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DUMPERS UNLIMITED Automatic Container Fillers/ Dispensers handle machined parts with the utmost care without the usual nicking and chipping associated with chute or conveyor loading.

Operator loading of the tub is labor intensive and very expensive should the employee experience an injury resulting from dropped parts or repetitive bending. Automatic loading of machined parts frees the machinist to do what you pay them to do - produce quality parts. Increased inspection and adjustment time may allow the machinist to efficiently operate a second or third production machine.

An automatic container filler / dispenser is a wise investment to increase your firm's high standards for quality and improved production.


Automatic container fillers are simple to install, operate, and maintain. The panel-mounted push button controls provide manual operation of the variable speed conveyor and the tilt cycles. After loading your container with forklift or pallet jack, conveyor, or automatic equipment, the operator hydraulically rotates the container to the loading position and depresses the auto cycle start button. That's it! Now, the automatic sensors will monitor the container without further operator attention. Never having the part drop more than 6" to minimize the nicking and chipping of your newly machined surfaces. When your container is full, our Automatic Container Filler stops the fill conveyor and waits for an empty container.


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