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DUMPERS UNLIMITED is a manufacturer of coil handling equipment.  Our coil handlers will easily place the coils you use into your plant's production system.

Our coil handling equipment includes:

ID GRABBERS .... loads and unloads steel coils (eye to the sky) from trucks

UPENDERS .... rotate coil from pallet to be placed on turnstile or mandrel

DOWNENDERS .... remove coils from turnstile and rotate to be banded on pallets

COIL TRANSFER CARS .... moves coils from one location to another where cranes are not accessible and for loading and/or unloading coils from coil slitter (lift option required)

TURNSTILE .... used to remove coil from coil transfer car and deliver to downender

COIL BANDING LINE .... set of conveyors that remove coil from downender and moves coil to a special conveyor section for banding of coils to pallets

ID Grabber

ID grabber with hand wheel to operate the clamping.
   Coil Transfer Car
L-shape coil transfer car with lift and optinal hydraulic clamp.  This coil transfer car also has four powered wheels to move back and forth on a track.
Four arm turnstile with optional push offs and optional hydraulic rotation for the arms.  (Also available in 2 & 3 arm styles).
  Mobile Upender Tables
Mobile upender with four powered wheels.  "V" bed cradle to prevent coil from rolling off the bed and a notched platform bed for removing coil with ID grabber.

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